Air Freight Services
Engine Transfer Management

For jet engine shipments, our in-depth knowledge of the countless types of engine types and sizes enables us to make the best suited arrangements for the secure shipment of your cargo. Our experience in the area of jet engine transportation enables us to have the least possible loading time of the cargo, leaving our focus to lie on the details.


The cargo shipped by AGX is always fitted with weather-proof tarp and protective, shock-absorbing padding that facilitates its secure delivery. Aircraft engines transported by us are meticulously cared for from the beginning to the end of the journey, which means that your serviceable engines can be put into use immediately upon arrival.

Vehicle On Route

Vehicles are used extensively by all industries on a daily basis. Despite being reliable, there are times during which malfunctions and breakdowns occur to even the best road vehicles. In such situations, repair must be carried out immediately, which instills trust within the vehicle owner towards the brand that they own. Therefore, vehicle-off-road (VOR) and super-urgent-vehicle-off-road (S-VOR) situations require rapid and flexible after-sales service, in order to supply repair shops or retailers with the spare parts as quickly as possible.


Besides this, automobile manufacturers and assembly lines constantly face challenges that threaten production. Various factors contribute to such threats, such as mistakes made in the execution of supply chain plans or disruptions in the transport process due to unforeseen circumstances. With the ever growing amount of suppliers spread across the globe servicing the needs of a single automotive brand, the complexity of transport and supply chain becomes exponentially complicated. This has increased the need for faster and more efficient tailor-made logistics services, at which AGX is best known for.

Air Charter

The AGX air charter service is one of the air freight options offered for urgent shipments that cannot be dispatched by regular air freight due to the nature of the particular shipment’s level of urgency.


We guarantee a short lead time and reliable delivery to even the most remote locations with our access to specially chartered aeroplanes and helicopters.


Our air freight team is outfitted with know-how and experience when it comes to preparing the fastest and most efficient transportation means and routes to attend to any organisational needs at the highest level of urgency.

On Board Courier

Our on-board courier (OBC) service is the perfect solution for particularly time critical shipments that cannot be conveyed through norma air freight. We are excellent at transporting extremely urgent shipments in this manner. Your shipment is accompanied by one of our professionals throughout the course of the transit. Knowing the urgency of the matter, our OBC team prepares the fastest and most efficient route through our vast number of airline partners. We can deliver within Southeast Asia within 24 hours, and globally in a very short time.

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